Our Values.

A Culture Of Dependence

Prayer is our language of dependence upon God. In other words, those who depend on God, pray. This is why we lead with prayer in all things. We desire to seek the face of God before the hand of God!

A Culture Of Participation

We value gathering together as a church to worship Jesus, in which everyone is invited to participate. It is our desire to move the church from being spectators to participants. The congregation is the worship team!

A Culture Of The Home

Restoration Church is a family that serves together, grows together, and worships together. We also believe that the home is the primary place to disciple, show hospitality, and invite into the church family.

A Culture Of Neighboring

We value faithful, long-term presence in our community as we show love and share the Gospel to the people of our city.

Connect with us.

We'd love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have about Restoration Church.